Our Mission


Our mission at Key 13 is to create compelling stories and stunning images with ingenuity, innovation, and imagination.



Key 13 Films makes feature films that cover the breadth and depth of the human condition; Drama, comedy, horror, exploitation, and everything in between.  We also produce and support a variety of feature film projects in the area.

Series/Fan Projects


Our online series and fan projects provide entertaining and educational information for the viewing public. From our review show "Terribly Awful" to fan projects like the "Elementals Comic Fan Project", Key 13 Films covers a wide variety of interests across many platforms.


Key 13 Studio


From headshots to video production; Key 13 Studio in Frederick, MD can provide high quality production services for a reasonable budget.  We also provide green screen and technical support to independent film projects.

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Short Films


Some stories can be told in a limited amount of time, but still have a lot of impact. From tackling important topics, or presenting a story in a series of images, Key 13 Films short films will make you think and feel.