we make movies people want

how we work:

  • We make trailer

  • Post online, ask for funding

  • we get 100% funded, we make it

  • We don't, you get your money back and we do something else

The people make the decisions, not the suits.

HD Mack runs afoul of gant and his gang of skinnies, so he gets revenge!

six friends fight off killer alien things

Former Olympic athlete fights a greedy land developer to save the local baseball field

Evangelina is violated by an all girl gang, and obtains demonic powers to get revenge

Chandra and Mickey fight a dangerous gang who control all the illegal activity in their city

Ebony and her squad of revolutionaires fight against the tyranny of evil men

Thirteen Pledges must survive the ultimate hell night

two sexy time agents try to stop time terroists from destroying the past

Alex is a retired vice cop who meets the ultimate femme fatal

Juliete, India, and sierra are rangers who do any jobs that involve violence



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When a sweet labrador retriever gets ahold of some meth, it's up to his owner to top him!

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