What the hell

is it with

these things???


Five friends gather at a secluded house for a weekend of fun, laughter, and mischief. However, their carefree escapade takes a sinister turn when malevolent alien creatures invade their peaceful retreat. As the extraterrestrial beings methodically infiltrate the group, possessing and transforming each friend into a nightmarish entity, the survivors find themselves in a desperate fight for their lives.


Feature Film: Approx 90 minutes


Sandra: Jordan

Jack: Tony Bazemore Jr.

Diane: Kristina Santiago

Billy: Justin Martin

Bobbi: Kay Leahy

Betty: Heather Harlow

Cleaver: Hunter Redfern


Writer/Director: Matthew Lee Anderson

Based on a concept by Max Artyomv and Matthew Lee Anderson


Executive Producers: Matthew Lee Anderson


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